FAQ's: Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our immersion program.

When I enroll, how many weeks can I book?

As many as you like! Most activities are not repeated until the fourth week so if you enroll for one, two or three weeks you will participate in different activities each week. We add new activities from time to time in order to meet all of our students’ interests and to meet our main objective: that you learn and improve your Spanish whilst enjoying yourself.

Will I be able to practice written Spanish?

The CELEoral teaching model centers only on the practice and improvement of your spoken Spanish (listening/talking). Our method is effective and our knowhow is unique in Spain and our promise to our students is to improve their spoken Spanish. Nevertheless, we are flexible of course, and our teachers are certified Spanish Language Teachers and will answer and help you with certain questions you may have on written Spanish. Additionally, some of the activities you will participate in involve the indirect use and practice of written comprehension (for example, class discussions on a current topic after reading a digital Spanish newspaper).

Will I be able to take grammar and vocabulary classes?

There will be constant learning and practicing of new Spanish vocabulary and your teacher will correct and teach any grammar that he or she deems important. Your teacher will answer any vocabulary or grammar questions that come up during an activity or workshop.

DoesCELEoral manage my trip from my country to Plasencia?

No, each student must organize his or her own trip to Spain. We will however, gladly help you with any information you might need regarding how to get to Plasencia.

How can I get to Plasencia from Madrid or other Spanish cities and vice versa?

In our “How will you learn Spanish” section, we mention all the means of transportation and timetable that you have available to get to Plasencia by train, bus or car.

Will my group have the exact same level of Spanish as me?

Not necessarily. All students must have at least an intermediate level of spoken Spanish. This requirement in additionCELEoral ’s participative learning method, guided by a certified teacher allows each student to improve their Spanish and to successfully integrate into the group.

What can I do in Plasencia and its surroundings once CELEoral daily activities are finished?

Lots of things! Plasencia is a lively city with lots to offer. In addition to local cultural activities, you can enjoy the cinema, theater, have a drink and tapas at a local bar or some churros with hot chocolate in a cafeteria, you can do sports, take city walks, visit the many parks, take dancing classes, exercise, study in our local library, go for a walk in nature, bathe in natural pools, talk to the locals, enjoy the many bars, restaurants and their terraces and so much more. No need to worry, you will not get bored! This will be a great experience!

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