How can we help you improve your spoken Spanish?

CELEoral offers you an endless number of activities to help you improve your Spanish.

CELEoral is a center specialized in organizing enriching experiences to meet the needs and expectations of people (non Spanish speaking people) wishing to improve their spoken Spanish, experience Spanish culture, travel and live the Spanish everyday life…, through daily cultural, gastronomical, recreational activities. These activities are active and dynamic, led by specialized professionals, providing you with a lively hands-on experience that will become unforgettable vacations!

Duration of your stay

We offer one week or several week sejours for individuals or groups of people 18 years old and up and children accompanied with an intermediate spoken Spanish level. We establish three week cycles with different seasonal activities so you can improve your Spanish (cycles re-starts after 4 weeks). If any activity has to be changed due to weather conditions and it is replaced by an equally interesting activity.

Native Spanish Teachers

All our activities are organized by our team of native speaking teachers specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and so these activities are participative, productive and efficient in improving your level of spoken Spanish. The degree of improvement is closely linked to the number of weeks you spend in our program: the more you practice the more you will improve.

Speak Spanish all day long

Our activities run from Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to 6:30pm, totalling 9,5 hours per day. Depending on the day, you can participate in two or three different activities before lunch. During the daily group lunch (of max. 8 people) you will be accompanied by a CELEoral   member and so it will be the ideal time for great chats (In Spanish, of course!) about any topic that interests the group. In this way you will continue to improve your oral Spanish while enjoying regional and national gastronomy. After lunch a new activity (usually recreational or cultural) takes place until 6:30pm when we part “cada mochuelo a su olivo” (Do you know that Spanish saying?), to freely continue enjoying the day – it’s Spain, so there is a lot of day left! In order to help you organize your free time we will keep you posted on the many local activities organized by the local council, diverse associations and other local entities.

On Wednesdays we all hop on a bus to go on a long field trip (approx. 60 miles away) to expand our cultural horizons, visiting beautiful cities that are UNESCO World Heritage sites like SalamancaCáceresGuadalupe or Mérida where we will enjoy a picnic in beautiful surroundings.

Friday, the last day of our weekly course, is a unique day with special activities like an outdoor picnic and a going away party that we call “¡Hasta la vista!”.

On Saturday and Sunday we propose to continue practicing Spanish, making a tourist trip through beautiful and interesting places of our region, Extremadura. This way you will enjoy and know better its history, its art and its nature, and its people.

This is a truly authentic and immersive learning experience. At CELEoral you will learn Spanish via both practical and fun experiences.