Where will you learn Spanish?

CELEoral has its head offices in Plasencia, Cáceres

CELEoral is in the city of Plasencia, in the province of Cáceres in Extremadura, a calm and cozy region in Spain. This region is “virgin” and the home of rich historical monuments and cultural heritage with beautiful well preserved and authentic natural surroundings. Our offices are 20 meters from the city’s main square (Plaza Mayor), home of the buoyant Plasencia life (library, theater, cultural centers, tourist office, bars, restaurants, concert halls, etc.) and it’s emblematic monuments (two cathedrals, churches, palaces, medieval houses, murals). The ideal place to enjoy your free time after all  CELEoral, activities to keep practicing your Spanish.

Dirección de CELEoral:

Calle Trujillo, nº 10
10600 PLASENCIA (Cáceres, España)

Email: voy@celeoral.com
Teléfono: +34 615 988 105

Plasencia’s surroundings

If you enjoy being in contact with nature, Plasencia is surrounded by splendid natural and patrimonial settings that are prestigiously known in Spain, like the National Monfragüe Park, a birdwatching European paradise, the Jerte Valley, with more than a million cherry trees that bloom spectacularly and bear fruit in March and June, the Ambroz Valley with numerous antique towns that are especially magical during the Fall, the La Vera Region at the foot of the immense Gredos Sierra, the Las Hurdes and the Sierra de Gata Region that hold places that seem as though time has stood still, the Alagón Valley with its great agricultural and ranching industry, the Granadilla Lands with its Roman history, crystal clear rivers, creeks and reservoirs. CELEoral plans to do some weekly activity with the group in one of these places, but you can also visit them, on your own, in your free time in the afternoon or after your stay.

Catedral de Plasencia

Plaza Mayor

Acueducto siglo XVI

Murallas medievales

Palacios, fuentes, iglesias

Reserva natural de Valcorchero

Valle del Jerte

Parque Nacional de Monfragüe

Productos de Extremadura

Click on the videos below to see some of the beautiful places you can visit during your stay with us. Most of these places are only 30 min. away from Plasencia and other emblematic places like Cáceres, Trujillo or Guadalupe.

Plasencia, monumental city

Natural pools north of Cáceres

Ambroz Valley, magical Fall

Monumental Trujillo

Plasencia, the two cathedrals

Monfragüe National Park

Las Hurdes and Sierra de Gata

Monastery of Guadalupe

Jerte Valley, blooming cherry trees

Monfragüe fauna

Cáceres monumental

Nature and leisure in the North of Extremadura

Cáceres, our province.

Plasencia is part of the Cáceres province. Cáceres is the second largest province in Spain with an extension of 19.868 km2, second only to Badajoz, the other province that makes up the Extremadura region. The Cáceres province has a population of 400.000 people, with a density of 20 people per km2, a very low population density. Its main city (also named Cáceres) has approx. 95.000 people and is located 86 kilometers from Plasencia (about 50 minutes by car). It has been declared a UNESCO Heritage city  and the third best preserved historical monumental city in Europe.

Cáceres is fundamentally an agricultural and ranching region and has a wide range of services.   It has a great variety of well preserved landscapes: plains in the south and center region with great oak groves (an area called “la dehesa”), areas with high mountains in the North (the Sierra de Gredos mountain range) that divide Salamanca and Ávila) as well as in the East (Montes de Toledo-Sierra de las Villuercas); and all throughout the province there are rivers and reservoirs, streams, waterfalls making Cáceres (along with Badajoz) the province with the most kilometers of freshwater in Spain. You can find spectacular places to swim, fish, canyoning, canoeing and other water activities… Cáceres holds great natural, ethnographic and monumental richness that in addition to its authentic people, traditions, landscape and gastronomy make it a hugely popular tourist attraction in Spain, waiting to be enjoyed and discovered by Spaniards and foreigners alike.

This is a map of our province marking places of interest and historic places (cities and towns) highlighting the ones in the North, most of them close to Plasencia.